Raffaele Cecconi


RAFFAELE CECCONI is anĀ Italian composer who lives and works in Genoa. After he approached music at a very young age, he studied with M. Del Vecchio, P. Baudini, A. Amisano and S. Lauricella. He graduated in Piano, Clarinet, Choir Conducting, Choral Music and Composition, and specialized in the latter with B. Farneyhoungh.
Former teacher of Semiography of Contemporary Music and deputy director at the N. Paganini conservatory, he carried out artistic activity for the Maggio Mus. Fiorentino, RAI, several opera-symphony foundations, permanent theatres, collaborating with F. Enriquez and L. Squarzina. He also achieved awards, including 1st prize at the Valentino Bucchi International Competition.

His music – independent from any school, free from ideological burdens and detached from fashion – shows nature and temperament. It is substantial it does not cede in formal redundancies but reveals moods which always materialize in a strong emotional tension. His music starts from experimental positions which are moderated by traditional techniques. It pursues a balance between discipline and the suggestions of the imaginary, through a language that – although highlighting unusual sound dimension – finally flows into the centuries-old expressive canons.


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