Francesco Mancuso

Pianist & Conductor

Managing Director of ConcertOpera Agency

...a refined musician of rare sensibility...

He started performing at the age of 14 years as a pianist and as composer in two pieces for the historic films by Griffith’s “The birth of the Nation” and “Intolerance”, both performed in concert in Genoa with positive response from the critics

The Birth of the Nation

Particularly cured the comment of the young pianist (14 years old!) He executed the soundtrack in an excellent way…”

He has conducted the orchestra of Carlo Felice Theater the Arad Philharmonic orchestra, the KlK Symphony Orchestra, the Bacau Symphony orchestra and more. Francesco Mancuso  devotes himself to both concert and operatic repertoire.

Teatro Carlo Felice

He is a solist concert pianist, he has cooperated with artists of international fame as Christopher Hogwood. Jury member of international vocal competition  and managing director of ConcertOpera Agency. Since 1995 he has been dealing with musical productions especially for young artists.

DoliArte Music Festival Vivaldi

Being alert to the divulging of music and heavily involved in the organization of musical events from 1995. Francesco Mancuso holds master classes for opera singers  from Italy, Romania, England, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France, Belgium, Montenegro, Slovenia, Poland…

Francesco Mancuso has special skills and qualifications acquired from the experience. Artistic director, Project manager, Committee Member – Goverment Regional Liguria Culture, President and Artistic Director of Genoa classical music association.

production by Francesco Mancuso

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