The new Roster will be completed about March 2020.

the artist will be able to take advantage of all our specialized services.

The artists need also being often on stage. AMM, thanks to his work experiences and professional reputation, can report a person to international theatres, managers, event organizers, auditions

We can realize personal projects such as live events, videos, individual promotion….

Sponsored posts are more effective to have better results.So we have chosen Facebook to do this. Nowadays social media communication is fundamental to be present on the digital market. So through special post we remind the Web audience what is the artist activity.

Streaming TV on the Internet where we broadcast, according to a schedule, our video material, including concerts, interviews and many others productions. Another opportunity for the artist is having an article dedicated to him which is published in well known opera magazines.

Open Opera Auditions
M° Francesco Mancuso
Managing director of Concertopera Agency