COCONCERTOPERA AGENCY is a new musical reality, represented by Francesco Mancuso in collaboration with a team of professionals from all sectors. It is not simply a music agency but it is a more multifold project which provides for the training of artists, the production of concerts and operas and their promotion.The aim is to make our own casting for operas with the insertion of young talented singers. A thorough and careful preparation which aims at celebrating the everyone’s individual characteristics or the complexity of a group.


TRAINING of the artist. The aim of our Masters is to build the singer’s personal repertoire and to help him to achieve self-conscioussness of his own talent. With our training, singers will receive an effective and competitive musical skill as well as the opportunity to experience opera and concert. Acquisition of the role, casting for opera and creation of special projects, preparing concert repertoire for specific productions.

PRODUCTION. CO is supported by Genova Classica. Our productions aim to begin and to formalize our artist’s experience and to create useful material (audio, visual…) to enter into artist’s promotion and management. The structure is able to sustain the artist’s activity even outside its own productions through scholarships or other measures.

PROMOTION. Through all CO’s services, we will proceed with large-scale promotion of our productions and our artists. We like to underline the core of our agency: to keep attention to everyone’s competences and characteristics, to let them come in surface to strengthen the artist’s value and talent. We will be proud to represent our performers as well as more renowned ones. In fact the artistic director can also accept artists who have not attended our MASTERS .